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At WebMarc Soutions, Developing and Designing Web Sites is what we do.  There is no standard or generic type of web site that could work well for everyone.  Our goal is to tailor each site to your specific and individual needs.  A good web site is the right combination of form, function, content and purpose.   

A site's visual design is often the first thing noticed.  On the Web, looks do matter!  Visuals will influence the user's initial perception of the site's value.  Your Web site is the sign on the front of your building, so to speak, welcoming the public to come in and visit.  

Once your guests are inside, we now have to keep them interested enough to make them want to stay and continue their journey.  This is done with content, usability, and a sense of purpose.  Why are they here?  Can they navigate through the site simply and easily?  What is going to make them interested in your product or service?  

Ultimately, what people are looking for on your Web site is a pleasant experience with perks and control.  We will give them a great experience with perks and the illusion of control.  

We believe in "Usability Above All Else."  Usable Web sites should be easy to learn, easy to use, easy to remember, result in fewer errors and be satisfying to the user.  Remember, if your site is not user friendly, the experience is lost.

We custom design and develop sites of all sizes and types from the perspective of user centered design.  Consistency, relying on recognition, not recall, simplicity, class and fun are just some of the guidelines we use.  

Let WebMarc Solutions create, design or re-design a Web site for you.


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